Factor Math

Describe what you liked about playing factor captor?
I liked playing factor captor because it was a multiplication game and it thought us the factors for numbers. We would get points for the higher factors you can use, that helped because the higher factors like 23 are harder to know the multiplication facts for which we will need later on. Which brings me to my next point.

Explain how making a array might help someone find factors for a number?
If your number was 84 of course you don't have the 22 times table memorized so maybe you could do a 42* 2 and that would equal 84 and you would get 44 points. So now you can go higher and see if you can make any higher number by using the array strategy.

Look back through journal pages 2-28. What activity or lesson did you enjoy most in this unit and what did you learn from it?
I liked doing square numbers the most because we got to do to the power of and we got to learn expanded notation. I learned that like 7 to the power of 2 is not 7 *2, it is 7*7 that is also what I liked about it. this was a unit but we also did some games about it. Another activity and game i liked was learning the disability rules because it always takes me so long to find out if this is divisible by that and now I know. I learned that there is another way to divide and it was really fun and it was not that hard.

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