Learning story (specials)

My learning story for specials is-

Chinese studies-

Chinese is a subject I find harder than most subjects. I think I need to work on understanding what the teacher is saying and also what she is asking when she talks in Chinese. I know this because during Chinese when my teacher talks I can't make out what she's trying to say, and when she points at me I don't understand what I am suppose to answer. I plan to listen to my CD more often so I'll understand better. I Think I'm good at reading Chinese characters and Pin yin . I know this because during the test there was a paragraph That we were suppose to read and I found it quite easy to read and understand. The next day I found all my answers were right.


Art is my favorite subject and I find it the easiest subject for me. I think I'm good at drawing and visualizing what My art work will look like if its finished. I know this because when I was doing my G.A.P. I could see what it would look like if I added the extra curls and hair and I added it and It did look exactly what I thought it would look like. I think I need to work on answering the art questions Ms. Baily gives us. I know this because when she gives us questions on shades and tones I can understand the question and I find it hard to put it in words. I will try to improve this by looking at art more often and trying to understand it.


I enjoy memorizing the notes in music and playing the instruments. I find reading notes very quickly hard in music. I know this because when Ms. Webster says its time to play the notes I haven't finished practicing playing them and I get confused half way through. I will improve this by reading more and playing indtrements more often. I find playing the right melody and beats easy and enjoyable. I know this because during music I had to hum the melody for others playing and I found that easy and fun.


In P.E. I love to run around and play games like tag or some others. I find Bumping in volleyball hard. I know this because when I was playing with my team and Me friend past the ball to me I tried to get it but I couldn't. I will try to improve by practicing more with my friends at home and playing more often. I find serving in volley ball easy. I know this because when I play volley ball with me friends I can serve high and far, it takes the other team a while to bump that ball.


I enjoy talking about counseling fun and enjoyable. I find solving my own problems with friends hard. I know this because when I have a fight with my friends no matter how hard I try I can't resolve it on my own. I will try to improve this because when I have a fight with my friend I won't go to a teacher unless I really need help. I find Answering questions easy and fun. I know this because when I answer questions about myself and others and about what I have heard that day I often get them correct and I understand them.

story of learning

Over the time period of last semester My class and I have made goals for ourselves and we have worked very hard to achieve them. My goals are set for writing, reading and math. Here they are-

Academic goals-Writing Goals
I have added similes and metaphors. I will look over my writing to check. I plan on completing it in a few months.
-Reading Goals I have read variety of genres I will look in my reading log to check I plan on doing it every week
-Math Goals I will try the math puzzler one a month I will record it when I try on a price of paper. I plan on doing it every month

I have achieved almost all of my goals, I will work hard to achieve the goals that i have not accomplished yet and I will make new goals for the ones I have accomplished.
The goals I have accomplished in writing is goal number 1, My writing uses poems, similes and metaphor. I have not achieved goal number 2, Before I hand in my writing I will always check for any spelling mistakes or over use of words. My new goal for writing is to use powerful transition words to get from paragraph to paragraph. My goal to transition into grade 6 is to Not have a over use of words and I will try not to repeat the word "I" more than a few times.
Writing is always enjoyable but I do find it hard to work with essays because I can't think of good topics or I don't know how to start, essays don't come easily to me like other forms of writing. But I have seceded in making some essays and I have focused on it.

I have achieved most of my goals, I will work hard to achieve the goals that I have not accomplished yet and I will make new goals for the ones I have accomplished.
The goals I have accomplished in reading is goal number 2, I will look in my reading log to check. I have not achieved goal number 1, I have read variety of genres. My new goal for reading is to read for fluent periods of time and to read for longer amount of time with out stopping for a break. My goal to transition into grade 6 is to read more and try and improve my reading level, I wish to read more often and read different styles and types of books.
reading is always enjoyable but I do find it hard to work with since fiction books because I cant think about them properly or I cant understand what part of it is since and which part is fiction. I have succeeded in reading some of the since fiction books and understanding them but I have had to read over them quite a while before I understood it.

I have achieved quite a few of my goals, I will work hard to achieve the goals that I have not accomplished yet and I will make new goals for the ones I have accomplished.
The goals I have accomplished in Math is goal number 2, I will record it when I try on a price of paper. I have not a achieved goal number 1, I will try to do the math puzzler once a month. My new goal for math is to do math problem more frequently and try different types or styles of math. My goal to transition into grade 6 is to practice often and practice different styles of math like division and multiplication, I will also try things like fractions and decimals.
Math is always enjoyable but I do find it hard to work with decimals and converting them into fractions or convert factions into decimals. I find this part hard because if you have 1/23 I won't know how to turn it into a decimal because 23 doesn't go into 100 and I don't know if it goes to 1000 and 10,000 and so on.

January 8th

1. What is one piece of important learning in reading or writing you have gained this week?
In reading and writing we have been doing a project, during this project we learned about writing essays for our science project. I learned that a essay involves many steps and to do them right you have to take your time.
I never thought about this before because I never expected that I would have to do a essay for something so big. So far all the essay's we've done have been simple types that you just do, but now It's different and I only now realize how hard a essay is.
In reading I learned about How hard research is to find. Before I was just reading making my research as I went along but now I made my research before and trying to find it is hard but fun.

2. Explain how this has helped you in your reading or writing.
It helped me because now I'm getting a little more into my reading and I'm really taking my time in writing a essay.
3. Explain what the difference is between a common noun and a proper noun.
A common noun is something that is not a name but is a type for example, river is a common noun and a proper noun is some thing that is a type but specific name of a type so river would be Jordon river.

Division reflection

Division reflection

Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?
I think it's important to know division because many questions involve division. To know multiplication properly you have to understand division. Fractions, decimals and percentages all involve division. This is important to understand because its a important part of math and a lot more. What happens if you have 5 friends over and 25 cookies, if you want each friend to get the same amount of cookies you have to know how to divide.

Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.
The most difficult part of this unit for me was when we learned long division. It was really fun once you could use it but while learning it's a bit difficult. I found this hardest to learn because we had to take the next number down and I got confused with partial quotients. I learned that you subtract and add but the long division just use's subtraction. There were many ways for me to fix it but I used the most common one. practice more and stay focused.

Parable of the Sower

Religion reflection

Last week you read the story of the Sower and the Seed. Summarize the story including what the story is about, who are the people in the story, what lessons did they learn, and how you can connect what you have learned to your life.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The parable of the sower~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When our teachers teach they teach in ways that are simple to understand for they wish we do well, but when Jesus taught he taught in parables. The story I will write to you below is one of the parables Jesus told.

Jesus sat by a lake with lots of crowds surrounding him. So He got on a boat and head of so that people would have more space. Then he told them a parable saying, "A farmer went out to sow his seeds. As he was scattering the seeds some fell along the path and the birds came and ate the seeds, some fell along rocky places where it did not have much soil the seeds sprang up easily because the soil was shallow but when the sun came up the plants were scorched and they withered because they did not have a root, others fell among thorns and when sprouting up where chocked, and last there is the seed that falls among good soil and sprouts producing a seed a hundred, sixty or thirty times as much as it."

After Jesus was done telling the story to his people his disciples asked him what this meant, Jesus told them this,

"When anyone hears the parable of the sower it is a guide to men. The seeds that fell along the path is like the man who hears the word of god but does not understand it, doing so the evil one snatches the man away, The seeds that feel along the shallow soil is like the man who hears god's word understands it but does nothing about it, then there is the seed that fell along the thorn, this is like the man who hears about gods word understands it and does something about it but the problems of his life make him forget the word of god, last there is the man who hears the word of god and does something about it, this is the seed that fell among good soil and producing another."

When Jesus was done the men finally understood the parable of the sower.

The story shows the people we are, to try and show us how to become like the man who hears about gods word understands it and does something about it. We have all heard about gods word now or before and now learning this parable we must change. The lesson the men listening to Jesus story learnt is the same we are trying to accomplish now. it is to change our self's to be more a better person. Everyone has done something wrong and we can all relate, I have been like the person who hears god's word understands, does something about it but then gets distracted. now I am trying to change to for I am not perfect and I will never be. But I will try to be as perfect as possible as me.

Factor Math

Describe what you liked about playing factor captor?
I liked playing factor captor because it was a multiplication game and it thought us the factors for numbers. We would get points for the higher factors you can use, that helped because the higher factors like 23 are harder to know the multiplication facts for which we will need later on. Which brings me to my next point.

Explain how making a array might help someone find factors for a number?
If your number was 84 of course you don't have the 22 times table memorized so maybe you could do a 42* 2 and that would equal 84 and you would get 44 points. So now you can go higher and see if you can make any higher number by using the array strategy.

Look back through journal pages 2-28. What activity or lesson did you enjoy most in this unit and what did you learn from it?
I liked doing square numbers the most because we got to do to the power of and we got to learn expanded notation. I learned that like 7 to the power of 2 is not 7 *2, it is 7*7 that is also what I liked about it. this was a unit but we also did some games about it. Another activity and game i liked was learning the disability rules because it always takes me so long to find out if this is divisible by that and now I know. I learned that there is another way to divide and it was really fun and it was not that hard.

It's learning about learning time

my best subject is art, I like art because in art you need to visualize it you can't do art in you're head. I don't work well with mental things. I love art also because it gives me freedom I can express myself and show people emotion. That's what art is about.
In art I like soft music in the background. I am so interested in learning about art. I now know about shades and tints. I feel happy doing it. I also know about self portraits, It's fun. Even thought I'm great at art it does not mean I can't learn. Thinking about art makes me understand how much more I CAN learn.
Art helps me get better at so much more like math and reading, this is because I'm so interested in art that I want to explore further. I want to relate and I want to find out. somewhere along this exploring process I relate to other subjects like reading. I think of art as a way for me to make reading fun, more fun, and even more fun. I tend to get board in all subject except art. I find ways, loopholes, opportunity, to do art and i do but when its time for something else "Their is no way I'm doing this for long".