It's learning about learning time

my best subject is art, I like art because in art you need to visualize it you can't do art in you're head. I don't work well with mental things. I love art also because it gives me freedom I can express myself and show people emotion. That's what art is about.
In art I like soft music in the background. I am so interested in learning about art. I now know about shades and tints. I feel happy doing it. I also know about self portraits, It's fun. Even thought I'm great at art it does not mean I can't learn. Thinking about art makes me understand how much more I CAN learn.
Art helps me get better at so much more like math and reading, this is because I'm so interested in art that I want to explore further. I want to relate and I want to find out. somewhere along this exploring process I relate to other subjects like reading. I think of art as a way for me to make reading fun, more fun, and even more fun. I tend to get board in all subject except art. I find ways, loopholes, opportunity, to do art and i do but when its time for something else "Their is no way I'm doing this for long".

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